image-9-30-16-at-5-33-pmYou know you do it! Alice ain’t got nutthin’ on the time-wasting-warren found in Facebook quizzes.

image-9-30-16-at-11-39-amHours spent having our “data analyzed”….

image-9-30-16-at-11-38-am…to perfectly describe us in in the coolest possible way to strangers and family.


Bullsh*t I’m getting stuck with Jake Gyllenhaal or James Franco….AGAIN!

Without this deep data mining and status analysis how would be know our life quote or spirit animal?

imageI can’t help it. When I see that CC was a cheese danish in a former life or SA’s celebrity boyfriend is that guy off that show I watched for half an hour three years ago….well I gotta know!  Which Bieberesque metroman is my soulmate????

BTWs….I’m a cronut!


I didn’t take a quiz, I just decided. Does that count?

These social media staples are a massive time suck, and ridiculous, and so fun or we would never click over and allow “them” access to our quirks and desires.  Pay attention.  If we are taking quizzes that focus on the future, angels, fears…..there will be an inexplicable influx to our news feed of sponsored posts featuring books on spirituality, meditation and personal development.

Yeah, THAT’s not too Orwellian!

Do we care?  Frankly my dears…..not of flying fig!  Bring on the next round! Have fun and then get out there and find your celebrity boyfriend, stuff him full of pastries and live in whatever country you want!


Do you take the quizzes?  How may tries before the “right” answer?  Any other time-sucks you’d like share….we are always looking for the next fix.



*todays late posting NOT brought to you courtesy of B&N or Starbucks wifi as planned….no no old fashioned country wifi….slow and steady!  Join us tomorrow for the continuing Tortoise saga in SA Young’s Random Act of Fiction.