Day two, we have a plan

Day One – We have a plan

Day Three

Day Two – This is brilliant!

Day four - Romantic interlude

Day Three – Romantic interlude

Day Four - Plot Twist!

Day Four – Plot Twist!

Day Five - Panic attacks

Day Five – Panic attacks

Day Six - Holy Crap We've almost got it!

Day Six – Holy Crap We’ve almost got it!

Day Seven - 90,500 word manuscript

Day Seven – 90,500 word manuscript

Edits and revisions....

Edits and revisions….

This was one of our more productive retreats, if not the most productive, and not only because we got to click the compile button and save the MS*. We discovered the joys of marking off/erasing To Dos off the whiteboard. We created a style guide, because one of us keeps forgetting *coughmecough*. Short term and long term deadlines/plans for completion and publication of the series were included in our business contract – something we NOW know we should have done years ago. (Never stop learning!)

After taking a few days to breath and unpack, we are back at work. One more read through for any hiccups before sending out to the first round volunteers!

The light at the end of the tunnel may be a bus, but now we feel like we’re the ones driving it.



*MS = Manuscript not Mark Strong