We are ALL election weary. It feels like being whipped daily with a wet paper bag filled with dog poo. Friends and family we once thought were funny and smart – who ARE smart and funny – post or share things on social media that give us THIS face…even those we agree with!


JSB about 6yrs old – he turned 22 yesterday!

Assuming none of us are dealing with self-inflicted-fence-riding-rash….we’ve made a decision! Here are a few things to do instead of yelling at the TV or stabbing the latest political meme through your device screen.

  • Stock your bar – no matter what candidate you choose, it’s going to be a long night

Gratuitous hand porn – there’s a drink in there

  • Binge watch DIY inspiration shows – we recommend Fixer Upper because who doesn’t like Chip & Joanna, Flea Market Flip, Rehab Addict – shiplap everything!


  • Go to a German sausage festival – it’s our annual Church fundraiser this weekend! Lots of cooking and baking and more cooking as we prep to feed 300+ Sunday.
  • Give notice at work….you’re going to late and hungover on Wednesday


more gratuitous pilfering

  • Get ahead in your NaNoWriMo word count*! (I’ll be in the writing cave Monday & Tuesday – after I vote of course)


  • Check the immigration regulations for Canada – seems half the country will be moving on Wed.


  • Put up the Christmas Tree!


  • Watch The Princess Bride for the 1000th time and practice saying “Inconceivable” with a lisp.

  • Lastly, remember the sun will come up Wednesday and we will be OK!

What are your survival plans for the next 5 days?

*yes, I’m counting these 250+ words as part of my daily count!