finish-strongAre you, like me, looking at the calendar and thinking “where did it go?”  Maybe looking at the year and wondering “what the hell happened?”  Too many artists taken too soon.  Political battles dividing nations and families. Personal goals abandoned.

All is not lost. Here are some ideas for finishing 2016 on a positive note.

  1. Gratitude list!  Write it down, use sticky notes, write it in sharpie on the bathroom mirror or a  Big Chief tablet!  It’s so easy to wallow in the disappointments.


    Great find by Mom

  2. Read!  Take ONE – just one book off your “to read’ pile and enjoy it. Don’t forget to leave a review.reviewmeme3
  3. Write a note to someone you miss. Even if you have the hand writing of a serial killer….just take the time. It will mean so much more to that special person.the-lost-art-of-note-writing-homemakerchic-com
  4. Set a small personal health goal for the rest of the year and stick to it! (drink more water, meditate, to bed or to rise earlier, limit sugar, add fruit or veg to one meal) 7099265a99715f2603602aa06543c466
  5. Volunteer for local charityhappy-volunteer
  6. Donate clothes (this will help with that closet resolution made in Jan) donateclothes
  7. Try a new look for Christmas party, or New Years Eve  – winged eyeliner, red lipstick, new hair style or maybe a new tie color (give it a test run first) winged-eyeliner
  8. Visit a museum, see a play or opera (get some culture)

    The Layton Salon. - artcity15-galleries - The permanent collection galleries at the Milwaukee Art Museum have been completely revamped. Wednesday, November 10, 2015.  - Photo by Mike De Sisti / MDESISTI@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

    The Layton Salon. The permanent collection galleries at the Milwaukee Art Museum  – Photo by Mike De Sisti

  9. Reflect on something you did accomplish this year.refelction
  10. Make a plan for 2017!af7a44cc8e3396b26a54f79cf314b0be


Has your 2016 been “less than”?  What can or will you do to Finish Strong?