…misadventures at family Thanksgiving.

2009-11-21-10There are times when we are so excited about something and want to share with those we love only to have it jump up and bite us right in the ass.

Well….I got bit and good!

Not too long ago I shared a secret with my mom. Something I loved and knew she would too, and she did!  We became comrades in arms, embracing this secret. Sharing ways to use, improve and impress others.

Last Thursday morning, before guests arrived I stumbled face first into the discovery.  Not so much stumbled but rather chose and smeared on my being. Much to the shock and then mockery of my children during our peaceful gathering of family and friends.

There are just some things one does not bring to the Holiday Table. Politics. Religion. Awkward transformations….

There I was Thanksgiving Day morning. Dawn was just breaking over a glorious day and I opened Mom’s linen cabinet for a towel.  Being the hostess she is, there were of course four sets of fresh towels – folded hotel style (she made me put that in) for me to choose from.  But nooooo, I reached into a corner and pulled out this old green, faded, and ragged number.  Thinking, “I don’t want to mess up her cabinet. I’ll get this old towel and leave her pretty ones.”

Skip a head through my ministrations and I noticed I’m streaked with orange. There were patches of color on my stomach, covering my hands and arms.  I couldn’t figure it out.

maxresdefaultBack up with me a few days.  The home bathroom faucets and showers were experiencing some flow issues so The Husband did some minor plumbing earlier in the week at our house that required him to turn off the house water for a bit. Being serviced by a well, we sometimes have rust in the water when flow is turned back on…

43e564d5f90c34fc104a0a7fa35e8a41Wednesday’s shower had stained me!! Oh well, nothing to be done. I did NOT notice how much color was on my face, there were no streaks or splotches. However, my loving caring, sensitive daughter comes bouncing down the stairs and says the moment she saw me, “did you get a little heavy with the bronzer mom?”   Aaaannnd the comedy floodgates were opened!  This will always be remembered and the Thanksgiving I was “Becoming Trump.”

Today, Mom is here for our annual Christmas deco days and just told me “I noticed and assumed someone sold you a color, but didn’t want to say anything insulting right before family dinner.”

Jump ahead to Saturday morning after Thanksgiving, as Mom was doing the laundry I get a text.

“Mystery solved on your rusty skin.”

The secret I’d shared oh so long ago with mom was….drumroll please……

7417030599I’d used her Aribrush Legs towel!!  The fine mist of powdered color that will, if not applied over a towel cover your bathroom, had been waiting for the perfect moment to jump onto an unsuspecting face and body.

oops-dohNext time you’re visiting and there are nice, folded towels….USE THEM!  Or you might spend Thanksgiving dinner like this.



What are your holiday misadventures?  Please share, I don’t want to be alone!