The kitchen was a veritable Santa’s Workshop of activity. Yours truly as Head Elf baking three yes THREE different kids of goodies at once to deliver to neighbors, mailman, Schwan’s man, UPS, FedEx…pretty much whoever we will see in the next ten days.  Of course something was going to go wrong….

My mini-bunts didn’t bunt!

imageThe wells overflowed, and most refused to drop out. Those that did were weird, lopsided, fourth grade science fair volcanoesque creations – NOT worthy of gifting. Not from my kitchen.

imageHusband: “You’re a snob.”

Me: And?????

What a perfect metaphor for Christmas. Sometimes the bunts just don’t bunt.  Our perfectly planned out festivities don’t turn out the way we envisioned. Even if we’ve baked a million mini-bunts in those same pans. So what do we do?  Toss the lot?

That’s not always possible especially if the overflowing sticking cake is Uncle Ben over there hitting the eggnog railing against the election. Or Mary Sue bringing home the homeless poet she wants to drop out of college and travel the country with. Maybe it’s the lady in the check-out line who can’t believe how slow the cashier is, her bunts probably didn’t bunt either.

We take a breath. Pick up the scraps. Throw in a generous dollop of sweetness.


coarse cake crumbles, frosting

Roll with the flow…even if it doesn’t look too hopeful. Use a light touch, don’t squeeze too hard and dust with a little more Christmas Spirit…or powdered sugar.


cake & frosting mixed just to combine, formed into 1″ balls

And if thing still look a bit like sugar coated lumps of coal….


rolled in powdered sugar

Light the candles, pour a glass, embrace the mess and enjoy the flavors even if the bunt is now a ball. Perfect is overrated anyway.


sprinkle with coco, sugar sprinkles, shaved chocolate

The days ahead are going to be crazy and messy, and it will be ok. Merry Christmas, may your bunts, bunt this year.

Any baking disasters avoided yet?  Any human disasters managed?  Are you ready to be the generous dollop of sweetness on someone’s bunt crumbles?