2016 Looking Back to See Ahead

     2016 was an amazing year for the SSS family, personally and professionally and we are so thankful for all of you who have taken the journey with us.

As you know we completed the manuscript for Eden’s Fall in October!!  Following the reviews and much analysis of our target audience, we are revising Eden’s Fall and the other two books in the series for the “Celibate Erotic Romance” genre. We are so excited to fill this emerging niche market in the romantic literature world.

Sheri received a promotion in 2016 and now supervises belly button lint collection for the BC Innie-Outie Club. She is also embroiled in a highly scandalous romance with an older gentleman called Morty. Constance and I are secretly hoping this May-December romance leads to an obscene inheritance, funding our future “research” travels, shoes and top-shelf booze habits.

In March, Constance and Fergus took a pilgrimage to the nude beaches of West Virginia.  Rumor has it Fergus met a lovely mixed breed there and will be having a neuter reversal in the new year. The wedding will take place as soon as all of her shots are up to date. Constance seems to be taking the romance in stride, inviting the prospective bride and her bipedal servants up for bear watching in the Spring. I hear she crocheted their vests out of gluten free turkey jerky.

As for me, having completed Eden’s Fall I’ve been trying to play with new characters, but they mostly ignore me. On the upside, with both kids in college, the empty nest syndrome seems to be tapering off.  Their tramp stamp portrait tattoo has stopped itching, just in time for the angel wings back piece of Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber (because it IS Christmas).

In 2017 we will be the faces of Scapa Scotch Whisky’s ad campaign. Think Robert Carlyle’s Johnnie Walker meets William Lawson’s kilted warriors.

Cheers Y’all!