…and I can’t find IT.

That excitement, and wonder often felt this time of year.  Practically Dickensian, has been my joy in seasons past.


I felt the bonds beginning to slip while putting up the decorations at church, after choir practice, when the church was quiet with Gregg (The Husband) and Kate.  JSB couldn’t be there, and while the three of us laughed about our early days as unofficial Christmas decorators, laying out hundreds of lights down the aisle of our little old church – we now have a bigger little church and a pre-lit tree – the feeling felt one ornament, one fluff of greenery, one tuck of ribbon ours to reach.

While I try to model Dickens, I KNOW my Seuss!

thFor me it is the ACT of putting on the ribbons, and wrapping the boxes, baking the cookies and watching HOUR upon HOURS of Christmas movies that fuels IT.  We do this all the time, because actions matter, bowing or kneeling in prayer, standing for an anthem or as the bride walks the aisle.

As I sit here in the pre-dawn with my lovely tree and my sweet Stella,  I think I need to look a little harder.



“I wish she would do this after the sun comes up.”

We will be delivering the neighbor goodies today. “Neighbor” being a subjective term, today it’s anyone living on the fifteen mile stretch of county road that runs from I40, past my house to its stopping point five miles south. (It does continue after another five mile dogleg to the west – but I didn’t cook THAT much)

My hope, my certainty is that IT is somewhere in this pile and once each box & bag is delivered I will find IT again.


Have you ever lost your IT?  Maybe it wasn’t a Christmas IT…work, love, self?  How did you get yours back?