Boston, hangover, New Year's Day, Monday, S. A. Young

sunrise over Boston

Good morning, Happy Monday and Happy January!

Can you believe that it’s January 2nd already?  I know many of us have the day off. It’s a bank holiday in the UK and here in the U.S., we tend to take an extra day if a holiday has the good graces to fall on a weekend.  If you’re feeling anything like I am this morning, you need it.

hangover, New Year's Day, Monday, S. A. Young

You see, I made rather merry on Saturday night. My personal view has always been that going out on New Year’s Eve is for amateurs. Restaurants and clubs jack up their prices, more drunks than usual are behind the wheel of a car and, in my city, the streets are clogged with families who never come into the city at any other time (except maybe for a baseball game) and are wandering around trying to find “First Night” festivities.  Better to stay in and do my champagne toasting where it’s warm and safe.  This is just what I did, except that I did it with the company of friends. We had great food, lots of wine and even played a rousing game of “Cards Against Humanity”.  (I had never played this game until a friend got it as a Christmas gift.  It is hilarious with the right crowd, but a word of warning, know your guests before bringing it out. It’s not for everyone.) I rang in the new year wearing my paper tiara and blowing a noisemaker for the first time in many moons.


New Year’s Day was spent as it should be – lying about slug-like, doing absolutely nothing, binge-watching mindless television (question of the day: Why is a show like “Say Yes To the Dress” on The Learning Channel? Is it a parable? Are these addictive episodes meant to be cautionary tales? Oh well, I digress.), pausing occasionally to eat leftover party food.  I didn’t even get dressed until 5:00.  Bliss.

Despite getting a relatively good night’s sleep last night, I’m still feeling a little “hung over” this morning. I think it’s just a post-holiday exhalation. My body and mind are just taking one more day to let go of the hustle and bustle and excitement of the past few weeks before gearing up for the months ahead.

hangover, New Year's Day, Monday, S. A. Young, January

So, I’ll have another cup of coffee, maybe watch a few more episodes of “Game of Thrones” (that I DVR’d during the holiday marathon even though I’ve already seen them), then take some deep cleansing breaths and get up and back to the business of life.

We’re entering an exciting new phase here at SS&S and we’ve got to be on our game in 2017.  I’ll say again, Happy New Year, to us all. “Let’s hope it’s a good one. Without any fear…”*

shine, hangover, New Year's Day, Monday, S. A. Young

How are you starting the year? Any resolutions? Do you still make resolutions? (I don’t – at least not publicly)


*John Lennon, “Happy Christmas(War Is Over)”