Is it really up if you don’t let anyone know?5481cf64659a6137415c41ee5f01f3ffef48ee7763f7f96fbc7216e41062653fIs a blog post actually written before you type a word and click publish? Or slap your head at 5PM because you forgot to actually come back and write it.

Early this morning I sent a vast social media network down the proverbial rabbit hole searching for the “perfect” meme for today.  No one could find it…..*runs to check again if anyone posted it*

Nope, no luck.

Collectively, HOURS wasted searching…and conveniently NOT taking down the tree or other decorations.  Does everything really need to be individually wrapped in bubble-wrap or tissue paper?

YES! YES it does! There’s a small fortune and irreplaceable memories in these shinny balls, twinkling lights and flocked bows of greenery.  They will not be sacrificed to the rush of cram-it-in-the-rubbermaid-we’ll-do-better-next-year mentality.  As God is my witness, I’ll leave it up until Easter before that happens.

OK, I’ll leave it up until tomorrow or when Kate gets on her way back to college.

If you have completed the de-Santification,  process I bow to you.

If like me you are looking at it and thinking “Just put a throw around that. No one will notice.”  You have my sympathy.

If you happen to find the meme regarding Christmas decorations – 12 hours to put up, 12 days to take down. I’ll send you cookies!

Happy Friday!  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!  Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Foolish Notion.

So….is it just me?  Tell me it’s not just me?