laughter, Monday, S.A. Young

Good morning and Happy Monday!

raspberries, Monday, Snoopy, Lucy, Charles Schultz, S. A. Young

Not to be confused with these raspberries

raspberries, Monday, mood, S. A. Young

and especially not these Raspberries

I’m in a mood. Just what kind of a mood, I couldn’t exactly say. But I am certain it can only be helped by cute baby animals

and cute baby humans

sheer lunacy!

This is one of my “go to” videos. If all else fails, I know that this one will do the trick. This kid’s laugh is so infectious that by the end of it, I have to slap my hands over my mouth so that I don’t give myself away to my coworkers.  It’s really difficult to be in any mood other than (at least temporarily) gleeful, while you’re laughing.

So, if anyone needs me today, I’ll be surfing through YouTube and trying not to get caught.   Oh look! Pandas!