Yours. And mine.



As a blogger, one who searches for ways to engage with you on various levels and topics, I sometimes struggle with how much information is too much to share. I hope you’ll relate to me and what I’m doing, understand my values if not the details of whatever belief system I’ve built over my lifetime, but sharing deeply personal information is not easy for me. I also don’t believe that I owe everyone that insight.


Not everyone feels that way. In fact, each day I feel more and more like I’m in the minority.

Over the past couple of decades, the proliferation of reality “entertainment” has permeated so deeply into our culture that it seems the levels of exposure have reached heights I never would have dreamed possible. It’s no big thing now for TV viewers to see into every room – literal and virtual – of an entertainer’s (these are not ordinary people, no matter what the producers are trying to sell us) life and lifestyle. No detail is too intimate to share.


Selfies, and the online apps that allow people to share them non-stop, are not just ubiquitous, they are like the air people breathe.


Not only have the barriers – the boundaries – of what was once considered acceptable to the FCC been obliterated, but – thanks to social media, gossip bloggers and tabloids, among others – the consumers of this form of entertainment now have an expectation, a sense of entitlement, that this view into other people’s lives is their due. And it’s not limited to celebrities.


It’s too much! Too much I tell you!

Honestly? I don’t have the time in my day to keep up with the tsunami of minutiae that so many people are sharing on social media. I’ve got a life, dammit. I’ve got a book to write! I have to take photos and videos of Fergus. This all takes time.

Gratuitous pic of Fergus after his bath this week

Gratuitous pic of Fergus after his bath this week

Maybe it’s a generational thing with me. Growing up I was conditioned to keep personal stuff personal and that it was unconscionably impolite to ask other people personal questions. Time and wear and tear have softened up those rules, but I still feel each person is entitled to whatever degree of privacy makes them comfortable.

So, I’ll maintain my boundaries – here and elsewhere. And, I’ll respect yours.


*taps mic* Hello? Is there anyone out there who feels as I do?