sugarAs a WLS (weight loss surgery) patient, no sugar is SUPPOSED to be a no brainer, but…or should I say butt??  The struggle is real right?

July 2016, following bariatric eating guidelines and the encouragement and inspiration of friend and health & fitness coach Giacomo Farci*, I virtually eliminated sugar from my diet. Most of the time… ok, 75%. Not the point.


Kids, husband, brother, church family, nieces & nephew have ALL suffered through bouts of flu, strep, bronchitis….pick a germ, I’ve been exposed. And NOTHING!

c22f9545b11c0f8d6dbca9fcfff9ff667372816e36e52279d5d31a99b52da190This morning Gregg needed a trip to a “doc-in-the-box” for another round of antibiotics for probable strep. He’s a good patient BTW, not much “manflu” around here.

I’m convinced more and more that my good health isn’t luck, but directly related to minimal sugar consumption.

2464458812ddb611cca055e997925fd1Truth??  It’s a pain in the ass when first starting. Your head hurts, the cravings make you bitchy, nothing tastes “right”. It passes in 48-72hours.  Sugar is in EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!  If you aren’t preparing food in your own kitchen…it’s going to have added sugar.

That low carb wrap?  Sugar.

Fat free mayo?  Sugar.

Don’t get me started on the chemical shit storm of low fat, no fat, zero calorie frankenfoods.

If you are on the fence,  just try it and see how you feel. If you’re a person of faith, Lent is coming, use the 40 days to reconnect spiritually AND truly detox your body.

Or, you can stock up on tissue and chicken soup?? In the mean time, I’m here to comfort you.

tumblr_nft6u8obqz1suzl23o2_r2_400How do you stay healthy this petri dish of humanity? Do you drink pickle juice to ward off the flu?  A hand sanitizer junkie?  Wear a mask on public transport? Chicken foot in a pouch around your neck?


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