Edgar Degas

When creating a background and profession for Kenna Campbell, MFC for Eden’s Fall, I chose “art gallery curator”. Her first inception came quickly on the heels of my first ever trip to NYC and awed visits to the museums there. What a wonderful job to be surrounded by creative expression all day, and to help others find art that touched them.

But…..”nothing matters before the but.” I knew precious little other than I like looking at art, and I knew a few of the most famous painting and artists; van Gogh, Picasso, DaVinci. It was time to do research.  Not surprising I cannot find the pink paper legal pad where I kept all my notes,  nearly five years after we started this Fellowship of the Book mission…quest…thing.

Despite the misplaced note pad, art and artists are a glittering thread through Kenna’s story. You dear readers don’t have to run to google to enjoy the beauty of her most prominent pieces. I say “hers” because Kenna did choose each real and fictitious piece in the book.

A romantic nudge…

Giant Art

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt, 1907-1908

A friendship forged…


Farewell to Anger, Leonid Afremov

An unusual pairing…

Vivid Anomaly, Jackson Pollock


Composition VIII, Wassily Kandinsky

And lest you think our heroine too stuffy or pretentious…


Velvet Elvis

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