Me, when I found in my mail this past week…my Medicare card. It doesn’t kick in until June, but talk about adding insult to injury. There I am gathering up accumulated mail with one hand because the other’s still in a sling* and there is the fat envelope with the “Welcome to Medicare” pamphlet and my card. Man.


So to cheer myself up, I found the late, oh-so-great George Carlin on YouTube talking about the joys of getting old.


After this experience with the shoulder, you can bet your booty I’m going to use that trick to avoid heavy lifting from now on!!

But, Carlin’s right, “getting old” is not the same as aging, it is an attitude. A state of mind. And I choose to live out my days as fully as I can — continuing to be curious, to learn and take on new challenges for as long as I can. And I agree with Carlin about Lance Armstrong, too. Just sayin’.

Fergus has no clue that I’ll be hitting a nasty milestone in a few months. To him I’m the playmate, the leader of our little pack, the bearer of food/green beans, the thrower of balls, the one he gets to cuddle with when he’s sleeping. He’ll keep me young at heart!


Gratuitous pic of Fergus’ man bun that we’re trying out to see if it keeps his ears out of his food…

It works!










Man bun scrunchy 5 seconds after breakfast is consumed

* It’s getting better each day with the increasing challenges of physical therapy. I can’t wait to get out of this sling! I promise more thought and effort will go into blog posts when I have two hands to work with…