Me, each day as I work through the exercises to rehab my left shoulder. I am one solid month out from surgery and have been in physical therapy for two weeks already. Just another couple of months to go.

Variously attributed to George Zukor, Mickey Mantle, Peter O’Toole and Eubie Blake, this saying has been traced back to a 90-year old golf caddie in 1966.

At various times in my life I’ve rehabbed just about everything on this poor broken body — feet, ankle, hands, wrist, knees, spine, shoulders. Friends and family have compared me to the Bionic Woman. I think Humpty Dumpty may be more like it… I have nothing but respect, admiration and affection for the professionals who’ve coached me through this process.

In fact, the personal trainer I’ve been working with for many years is a physical therapist, also certified in about a dozen types of specialized and therapeutic yoga practices. Because I’ve damaged myself so often, that’s the kind of trainer I’ve got to have. She knows all the ways to modify the torture exercises to accommodate my limitations and all the titanium holding me together.

I wanted to show you some photos of the kinds of torture exercises I’m doing these days to regain the range of motion and strength I’m going to need in this shoulder, but they’re boring. So, instead, here’s a slightly homoerotic video that will bring back all your fond Jazzercise memories.