I’m here to report to those of you who have been following our saga that we hit a major milestone this week. We sent the manuscript of Eden’s Fall to our Honest To God Editor.

So as not to waste our editor’s time with proofreading an almost 100,000 word manuscript, I volunteered to proofread it ONE LAST TIME. Mind you, we’ve done this all along the way – in bits and pieces mainly – and we had four meticulous beta readers pour through the manuscript as well. Picky picky people. We have, over time and with other sets of eyes brought to bear, corrected grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting and other things great and small.

Because I sit here with an arm in a sling, and K. R. Brorman and S. A. Young both have real jobs and big responsibilities to tend to, it seemed like I was the logical choice. What else did I have to do, after all? Besides physical therapy and hang out with wee Fergus, I mean.

Did I practice the lessons everyone believes in like working from a printed copy instead of the electronic version, reading it out loud, reading it backwards, using a blank piece of paper to go line by line? Oh, hell no. Again, one arm/hand and more than 97,000 words. So, I’m quite sure I didn’t catch everything and our editor will no doubt find things that still need correction, but I know I caught a lot of issues. Some of which caused us to do a little more drafting and editing, but we felt good about it when I hit send the other night and our baby was handed over to the tender mercies of our editor.


We hope and believe that the process will go more smoothly for Winter’s Thaw and Venus Rising because we’ve learned so many necessary lessons – the hard way – getting Eden’s Fall to this point. Right?