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Spring Thunder

-Mark Van Doren

Listen, The wind is still,
And far away in the night —
See! The uplands fill
With a running light.

Open the doors. It is warm;
And where the sky was clear–
Look! The head of a storm
That marches here!

Come under the trembling hedge–
Fast, although you fumble…
There! Did you hear the edge
of winter crumble

Good morning and Happy Monday! It’s the first day of Spring! Technically, at any rate. You certainly wouldn’t know it by looking around my neighborhood.

Boston, Monday, blogging, snow, spring, S. A. Young

A slight exaggeration, of course.

I’d dearly like to hear the “edge of winter crumble”. Today is also “National Proposal Day” (I’m assuming that means marriage proposals?) and “National Ravioli Day” (Who decides these things?)

spring, Boston, Monday, blogging, flowers, crocus, S. A. Young, ravioli, National Ravioli Day

I’m sure there are parts of the country in which it really does feel as if Spring has finally sprung, though Mother Nature has been behaving in a particularly haphazard way this winter that has finally past, if only in name. Hot, cold, hot, cold, random snowstorm yada yada yada. (I can relate – except for the snowstorm part.)

This always puts a spring in my step (See what I did there?)

But it’s time to look to the future when trees will leaf, flowers will bloom, rows will be hoed and seeds will be sown. We’re closer to all of that than we were yesterday and we’ll be nearer still tomorrow!

I could have sworn I saw some birds flying north this morning. They were probably lost, but I saw them. How about you? Has the greening begun where you are? Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to in the coming season?

Have a great week. I’ll be back on Saturday!