After losing 100lbs following gastric sleeve/sleeve gastrectomy in November 2011. I rocked along pretty well for a few years. Since 2014 I’ve wrestled with the same 30lb regain and loss and regain and loss.  Weightloss surgery does not magically eliminate the yo-yo.

I haven’t “wintered well” – in livestock lingo that means put on my winter fat cover.  I have however winter softened and crappy weather is no longer a convenient excuse to imitate a sloth in a onesie…

I have a plan!  Ok, I stole a plan, from a bariatric support group member, for a 4 week tighten and tone regime. The brilliance of this plan is…you don’t have to go to the gym or even outside!  And…it gives me four weeks of blog content on Fridays! *she is a genius whispers the gallery*

Yep, I’ll be posting measurement results and screenshots of weekly fitbit stats!  Accountability! Accountability!  Accountability!

Here’s the work out – with How To links for each move

Workout #1
Plank – 1 minute; – or as long as possible in correct form
Push-ups – 1 minute; -again watch your form
Squats – 2 minutes; – add weights if you can
Bird-dog – 1 minute; – hold in your core
Lying hip raises – 1 minute;  – SQUEEEEEZE those glutes
Plank – 1 minute;
Push-ups – 1 minute;
Squats – 2 minutes

Take 10-second breaks in between.

Workout #2
Plank – 3 minutes;
Bird-dog – 3 minutes;
Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;
Push-ups – 1 minute

Take 15-second breaks in between.

1st Week/3rd Week
1stDay – 1st Workout
2ndDay – 2nd Workout
3rdDay – 1st Workout
4thDay – 2nd Workout
5thDay – 1st Workout
6thDay – 2nd Workout
7thDay – rest

2nd Week/4th Week
1stDay – 2nd Workout
2ndDay – 1st Workout
3rdDay – 2nd Workout
4thDay – 1st Workout
5thDay – 2nd Workout
6thDay – 1st Workout
7thDay – rest

If anyone wants to do this with me AWESOME!  The real trick is finding something YOU will do!  That’s it. What will you do?

I’m going to start everything at zero (0) because nothing looks better than having a minus (-) beside the weekly number.

KB’s  Stats  3/31/17

Bust – 0

Waist -0

Thigh – 0

Arms – 0

Steps – 0

Official work out/walking starts tomorrow.  Why? It’s another Friday and I’m cooking…again!  More food I don’t eat.


Are you Spring Cleaning?  Spring molting?  Spring toning?