Good morning and Happy Thursday! Again? If you’re confused, you aren’t alone, though that’s pretty close to my natural state lately. But since your regularly scheduled blogger, C. C. Cedras, is currently hip-deep in some revisions for Eden’s Fall, she has asked me to pinch-hit for her. (See what I did there? Another baseball reference.)

My thoughts, however, are refusing to cohere and are being blown around like…well, you know.

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So, get ready for some completely random thoughts*. By the way, did you know that you can buy tumbleweeds?

-I don’t mind Thursdays.  Thursday is like pre-Friday, or Friday Eve. Perhaps the feeling is a holdover from college and young adulthood, when everyone went out on Thursday nights because we only had to make it through one more day before the weekend. Whatever that day entailed could certainly be accomplished with a hangover.

I must admit that, though I am older and wiser *cough*, on rare occasions I can still talk myself into believing in this fantasy. But I digress.

-Amy Schumer is one of my heroes. I wish she’d existed, I wish there had even been the possibility of her existence, when I was a twenty-something female trying to navigate my way through single life. The other night I watched her latest stand-up special and I was struck, just truly smacked between the eyes, with her confidence in herself, both as a woman and as a sexual being. She’s aslo fiercely intelligent and no one will make her doubt her self-worth. Her comedy isn’t for everyone. She calls a spade a spade and a body part a body part. But the message is inspirational.

-I’m trying to learn to use Pinterest as a tool instead of just a website full of shiny distractions, but it’s sooo hard to stop looking! (Yes, I whined as I typed that).  It’s like a Russian nesting doll that never gets to the last one or the funhouse in a demented carnival where each door you open leads to another one.  Look at one recipe and twenty more “we think you might like” crop up and on and on it goes. If it’s shoes and not a recipe I’m looking at, fuggetaboutit – three hours will have gone by before I surface. I know I’m not alone. Are there already support groups?

-Last but not least, I’m making my list for the things I want to accomplish this weekend. I like lists. I like being able to cross things off of the lists. Seeing that line drawn through the items written on my old-school notepad makes me feel like I’m in charge of my life. Of course, the feeling is fleeting. Once again, I digress.

As it happens, there was a great post about list-making on Jane Friedman’s blog today. The key is to divide up the big stuff you want to accomplish into manageable bits. Her example:

  • Buy a house


  • Research real estate agents in my area and create a list of candidates to contact
  • Visit the library and see what books are available on novel writing for beginners
  • Visit writers’ websites that I like and make notes on what I want my site to do and look like

Makes perfect sense.  With this in mind, the first two items on my weekend agenda are

  • Get up
  • Make coffee

An excellent start and I’ll almost certainly be able to cross them off.

Any random thoughts you’d like to share? Any weekend plans or projects?

Before I go, CC left me this gratuitous pic of Sophie and her big brother Fergus

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“What do you want to do today? Oh, I don’t know. What do YOU want to do today?”

The caption is hers as well. She speaks fluent Cavalier.


*inspired by our friend Blair at The Shameful Sheep, who frequently has random thoughts, especially on Thursday.