No…not that! But I’ll pin that topic under “Literature” for another day.

In case there was any doubt about my feelings on that Best Seller. *wipes sarcasm & envy off the keyboard*

Today I’m the substitute Art teacher!!  Free draw and movies!

Remember movie day???

or this…

Filling in for those called to these careers – and it is a calling – gives me the opportunity to see teacher friends outside of church even if it’s just passing in the hall to say “how are you?”. It forces me to get organized with clothes, meals and domestic goddess duties all of which I pretty much do “whenever” when it’s just another day on the farm.  (note to self, get your delicates hug up this evening) I get to be around kids, and as much as they CAN suck the energy out of you, sometimes the joy of coloring and existing and laughing at everything is contagious. And the big one…cash in the kitty for editors and covers and retreats…Oh my!

I have no horror stories about sub teaching.  Never had a kid loose his lunch or pass out – both happened to a friend here Monday.  The worst I’ve had is “we did that yesterday” to get out of assignments.  Child please! I invented that one forty years ago.

The best way to describe subbing is much like moderating a online forum dominated by hormonal women. **


There’s the bell. Conference time over. Fifth grade on their way. Oldham County Round-up t-t-shirt designing happening in this class. This is a fun project and a bit sentimental, Kate won the design contest several years ago. Maybe I’ll dazzle them with my stick figures! I draw with words not pencils.


What did you do on sub-teacher days?


**GBGALS to whom I will be forever grateful for strangers who became friends who became sisters.