Apparently her response to Earth Day was –  “Hold my beer.”  In parts of the country it’s already snowing and we are expecting temps in the 20s by Sunday.

I rushed home from another day in the substitute teacher trenches. OK, more like five hours, and a sixty-seven degree room isn’t exactly the beach at Normandy. Then there was a quick – really quick a trip to get my cracked nail fixed and a run by SAMs for brunch making supplies for Confirmation Sunday – The Bishop is coming we gotta make it nice.  But it is cold, windy and I thought I heard Munchkins humming.

The “mostly rush” was to protect and defend the flora. So with wind whipping my hair around my head and drizzles of rain spatter running into my ears and blurring my glasses. I fortified my lovey peony bushes with makeshift covers of fencing, rebar, an old tomato cage  and old sheets.

Next was to rescue as many Iris blooms as possible.  While I will miss them in the yard, my house smells purple – YES, purple has a smell is this is it. Trust me.

I waved goodbye to my lone lovely Johnny Jump-up. “Good night Johnny, You’ll most likely be dead by Sunday.”

Despite my grousing, my beauties are not the most vulnerable to Nature’s whims.  Across the country farmers are looking out windows and driving around farms wondering if they will have wheat harvest to harvest in June.  Tender shoots just breaking free to produce tons of grain that feed millions could be lost.  Have you ever had vegetables freeze in the crisper?  Imagine acres and acres of rotting wheat after the predicted cold.

My flowers will bloom again, these crops won’t fare so well.  Remember their stewards and pray for a reprieve.