Anyone who has been following our blog, or knows us at all, will know we are adoring fans of The Princess Bride.  I have yet to find a situation or conversation where one cannot quote from this wonderful movie. Quotes even make a cameo in Eden’s Fall. Now THAT is twue wuv!

The Princess Bride inconceivably turns 30 this year and it remains the movie that taught every child born in the 1980s about the values of friendship, the nature of true love, and the great threat posed by Rodents Of Unusual Size.

This post over on Metro, by Robert Keeling perfectly explains the devotion.  I hope you enjoy the quotes and clips as much as I did.
Do you have a movie that sticks with you?  One you quote often? One you are shocked when you discover someone else hasn’t seen or worse has seen and doesn’t love as much as you do?
If you too are a Princess Bride fan – what’s your favorite quote?