There’s more to the story than free donuts… Established in 1938 to raise funds, National Donut Day is a remembrance and celebration of WWI Salvation Army “Lassies” and the many volunteers who have served thousands of soldiers. These Lassies provided meals, comfort and of course donuts to boost the morale of soldiers on the battlefield in 1917 France. Cooking in makeshift huts and even using the metal helmets as frying pots for the donuts.

As we drive through to snag our free donut, or munch popcorn in a women only viewing of the latest Marvel comic movie, let us remember the REAL Wonder Women who went to war without bullets, or super powers, or magic lassos, but carried with them compassion, gratitude and the mighty sphere of hope and home…the humble donut.

Read more about the “Doughnut Girls” and National Donut Day.


Do you have a favorite donut?  Are you a dunker? Sprinkles or plain? Custard or jelly filled?

I’m a cinnamon sugar cake gal, but I’ll take a chocolate glazed yeast if I have to. 😉