How many of these do we think I can consume over the next five hours? Looks like two…………in my defense, it’s still early.

“Do you know what time it is in [the time zone we’re flying to]?” said the funniest flight attendant in the skies today. My seat mate and new buddy who’s flying home from business matters said, “Do you know what time it is in London?” Yep, this is going to be a nice flight. Also, WiFi.

I’m traveling with my sister, too, who just gave me permission to identify her and post our first selfie of the weekend. She made all these arrangements and has an amazing, long weekend planned that involves several wineries. She knows me, right?

But, here’s the thing. We had to leave Fergus and her Sophie in the excellent care of a dear friend. I’ve never been away from Fergus for so long! 

We’ve already gotten the first proof-of-life pic:

Fergus and his little sister, Sophie

Are they not just the most adorable beings on the planet?!

Just in case I didn’t have enough fresh, photographic sustenance, I took a few pics of them both to tide us over. Indulge me, okay? Thanks.

Whatever your plans are for this early Summer weekend, I hope you enjoy with good friends and loved ones. I will be! *Fergus, I miss you*