All I needed was a quick trim on the dragon lady nails before I did myself an injury…

not MY nails

As I walked up to the salon I was vaguely aware of a woman coming out the door. It’s harvest time* on the farm and the goal for the day was to get groceries to feed the harvest crew. (Husband, FIL, BIL, nephew and the occasional kid helping out on days off)  My brain was on the grocery list and getting home to unload before temps hit 100F.  I didn’t make it.

Back to the story. I reached the wide sidewalk running the length of the strip center and can hear the Ole Girl talking.  Ah, cell phone. Natural presumption right? She was ambling away from the salon door and was max ten feet away. I innocently looked over…

This woman, who I now realize was talking to herself had her RED SATIN DRAWS drooping down her legs!  DROOPING I tell you!  Like a toddler with a full diaper! One good breeze, or a step up and I would have known WAY too much about this woman.

I’m certain the Universe was trying to tell me something:

  1. Don’t do drugs.
  2. Don’t get the Brazilian.
  3. Don’t look over.

I’m leaning toward a #2 #3 combo.


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

*Harvest meal posts on the horizon