…Doesn’t Mean You Should.

I’ve heard, said and thought that more times than I can count, followed closely by, “do you ever look in the mirror before you go out?”

i-do-yoga-to-relieve-stress-just-kidding-i-drink-wine-in-yoga-pants--3eac0This post is brought to you by the young woman I saw this past weekend exiting Mecca Starbucks with a male friend. She was seen only from the back, and I commented to my companions, “Now that is an unfortunate fashion statement.” Instantly, my sister intones, “Going to Starbucks in my Activewear!” Which was pretty funny all by itself – my sister is a great mimic – and then I was shown this:

As of this morning, that viral video has had over 4.2 million views. Just FYI.

I actually, legitimately, wear yoga pants or “activeweah” at least twice a week when I do yoga and Pilates – I’m wearing them now because this morning was one of those times – and I have been known to run errands after my workouts, including cruising the grocery aisles, getting a mani/pedi, stuff like that. I’ve on occasion slept in them, worn them in the garden (although I prefer tougher work pants for that). So, I’m not on a soapbox here exactly.

However. Let me just say, the young woman we saw on Saturday (sorry, I was so busy flashing my Starbucks app at the nice girl in the drive-thru window that I failed to get a photo) didn’t look like she actually practiced yoga, did Pilates, walked briskly…AND SHE WASN’T WEARING UNDERWEAR. And she really really needed to.

Soapbox: This is a trend that I just think needs to stop. I get it. The pants are comfortable in the extreme, but if they’re going to be worn in public, please please wear panties, or, at least look in the mirror – front AND rear view, please – to see if anything at all is left to the imagination. May I suggest that solid colors do especially poorly sans underwear?

Paris Hilton. Need I say more?

Paris Hilton. Need I say more?

Keepin' it classy, ladies. Keepin' it classy.

Keepin’ it classy, ladies. Keepin’ it classy.








Mind you, I live in a college town and most of the year yoga pants and Uggs are the uniform of choice. This is a common sight.

college townIt can be a cute look on a 20-ish year old, but even then it doesn’t serve a girl with Kardashian butt and/or thighs, in my humble opinion.

Don’t get me started on men in yoga pants.


Is this a sign of my advancing age??? Am I too far out of touch?