And I’ve got ‘em.

After all the sadness, tragedy and horror of the past week or so, these puppies are my therapy dogs.

Regulars around here know Fergus, my darling, wee mannie.

FergusSome may have even seen pics or videos including Fergus’ little sister, Sophie.

SophieSophie is visiting this week while her mom travels, so life around here is a riot.


That point goes to Sophie!

We three pile in the car and go places…

Going for a Ride

They especially love Starbucks drive-thru where they get lots of ooohs and aaahs. And Pup Cups!

Pup CupsThey enjoy pizzle sticks together…

Pizzle sticksThey romp (and do other things) in the garden…

GardenThey get hot and come in to cool off…

Hot and tuckered outThey help me blog…

Puppy Bloggers puppy bloggers 2






And they take naps.

Sleeping on Lap Puppies Sleeping






Now, does everyone feel a little better? I know I do.

Take care, y’all.