Beauty comes in all sizes sounds really good at first.

“Real Beauty”  ~ Dove Campaign

Note - None of the models in the Dove Real Beauty are overweight.

Note – None of the models in the Dove Real Beauty are overweight.

“I’m No Angel” ~ Lane Bryant Campaign

We still don't look like the underwear models.

We still don’t look like the underwear models.

“This Body Is Made For…” ~ Lane Bryant Campaign

this body

The fat acceptance -body positive movement (FABP) is no doubt well intentioned. Removing those feelings of “less than” because we don’t look like Paris runway models or Victoria’s Secret catalogues, is a brilliant concept.

Appearing to demanding that we not be judged based on our body type, the content of our character not the size of our ass!

BUT, are these movements (and there are hundreds of that across social media and marketing plans) helping anyone but the products behind the slogans?

Convincing men and mostly women that there is nothing wrong, nothing unattractive, nothing abnormal in being obese is reckless and almost cruel. The truth is, being overweight carries more dangers than simply non-conformity to subjective beauty standards.

Yes, some obese people don’t have health issues related to their weight. But they are the exceptions to the rule.

Most overweight people suffer with heart disease, or diabetes, or joint pain, or sleep apnea, or high blood pressure or some combination of all of these, and many more. More than one-third of US adults are obese!

This FABP movement fails to address the health of their target audience. It simply seeks to force a redefining of physical norms. So does FABP really change anything?

No. At the end of the day, the determining factor of a person’s value is still physical appearance without consideration for health & well being, contributions to society, intelligence or kind spirits.


What do you think?  Is the fat acceptance-body positive movement making unhealthy acceptable in it’s wake? Or is it empowering overweight/obese people to love the skin they’re in?