stilettos, shoes, writer's block, S.A. YoungLook! Shoes!

Let me get this out of the way right at the top: I got nothin’.

empty head, writer's block, stock illustration, S.A. Young

You fine people, still reading this blog, deserve better, but alas I’m stumped. I sit here staring at a blank page not because my Monday post was forgotten, either due to my continued shock at the shortsightedness of the British people and their “Brexit”, (seriously, Canada is going to have a population explosion in the next few months and I don’t mean the good kind) or because I stayed up too late celebrating the new *spoiler alert* King in the North (If you don’t know what I mean, you’ve obviously successfully avoided all Social Media this morning), nor did I lose track of either the time or the date.

empty tank, writer's block, S.A.Young, illustration

On the contrary, I’ve been stewing about my lack of topic all weekend and then some. I’ve looked everywhere for inspiration, including wasting a lot of hours watching videos of cute animals doing cute things. Still I’ve come up empty handed. Even my neighborhood and my city’s public transportation system have let me down. And of course, the more desperate I became my hands remained empty and my head turned into a sieve, unable to hold on to ideas long enough to get them to cohere into something resembling a blog post.

clipart, illustration, writer's block, empty head, S.A. Young

Back to YouTube I went in search of a “Monday” song I hadn’t already posted. Because that website’s algorithms function much like my own runaway-train-of-thought, after another hour spent watching clips from “The Goonies” and listening to everything from Fleetwood Mac to a Canadian pop singer called Melanie Fiona, whose song “Monday Morning” seems to be extremely popular with line dancers in Taipei, the line dancing part led me to the video below:

I’d forgotten how much I like this song. “Except for Monday” takes me back to my own line dancing and two-stepping days. (Believe it or not, these city boots used to know how to scoot.)

line dancing, clipart, writer's block, Monday, S.A. Young

I apologize in advance for the earworm, but any song that makes you dance in your chair and sing along before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee is a winner, in my opinion.

What’s got your toes tapping and the blood pumping on this lovely summer Monday?