WeedsCannabis is quite possibly the ONLY “weed” that does not grow in my garden. Weeds are, truly, the bane of my existence. (Check back with me after a mountainside of forest has shed its leaves and they’ve collected in my garden and everywhere but where they belong — on the forest floor.)

I have filled up 5-gallon buckets, wheelbarrows, the ATV trailer over and over and over again with weeds – large and small, Johnson grass, Johnny-Jump-Ups, lemon balm, mint and cilantro that have gone rogue.

Not mine, but a woefully familiar sight.

Not mine, but a woefully familiar sight.

My Wonderful Helper who schedules me into his university class schedule and summer job on campus has done the same. He has, at my request, sprayed herbicide – don’t judge me, this is WAR. Even that is not a permanent solution. Family and friends know that when they come for a visit in the summer, weed pullin’ is on the agenda.

I – we – get one of the garden beds cleared (there are more than 20), I plant vegetables, flowers, occasionally shrubs, and before the next one is cleared, the one before has rebounded and needs cleaning up again.

We mulch. That helps, but the combination of rain and sun this year appears to be ideal for growing a crop of relentlessly strong and resilient weeds. The vegetables, flowers and shrubs? I could only wish they are as relentlessly strong and resilient.

When I want to install new plants, or seeds, I have to first clear the weeds so that by the time I’ve prepped the bed, I’m spent and sweat is running into my eyes because, yeah, the humidity is right there at 80-100%. If it isn’t raining, it’s about to so the air feels like a wet sponge.

sisyphus cartoon best

My Wonderful Helper recommended a new tool to me this week. I think he’s getting a little desperate about this, too. I found one that very day at Lowe’s and couldn’t wait to use it!

stirrup hoe

It works wonderfully well, and it’s easy to use, but I’m certain its effects are temporary. Still, it’s shockingly satisfying to decapitate the weeds and the near-instant result is pleasing. Minimal raking and smoothing is required to collect the weed carcasses. The main benefit of my new toy is that I can attack the weeds from a mostly upright position.

Sigh…gotta go. Just spotted Japanese beetles on my hibiscus.

Do you have a Sisyphian task or chore that makes you crazy? What’s your favorite remedy for weeds? Or dried leaves? JK