9acd3d49fd461364482604c674a59f55We typically associate “going the extra mile” with excellence, perseverance, success. Last night Stella and I went there, just to see.

Typically we go North, to the neighbor’s mailbox at the top of the “hill” (it’s FLAT here so hill is anything where the elevation rises), then back to the house as fast as we can – this is our dedicated fitness/audiobook time. When we reached the mailboxes I took out my iPod and kept walking.

We’d been blessed with a 24 hour scattered storms. The skies were deep purples, grays and lavender with streaks of bright oranges and pinks as the sun was setting behind the clouds. CC’s post about Weeds! had me looking down more than up, and as with all good tales the villain is the hero of his own story and the blooms typically banished from veg rows and flower beds became wonderful companions on that next mile up the road.

imageBonus!  Cows & calves grazing close to the road.


What’s found in your extra mile?

Have a safe and grateful Fourth of July Weekend, from all of us here at Stilettos, Stoli & Scribbles.