Apologies to my Canadian friends, but, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry. *snort* I’ll be serious. *snicker*

I had forgotten how much I love Dudley Do-Right, Snidely Whiplash1, Nell Fenwick and, especially, Horse.

Why am I watching cartoons this morning, you ask? Well, *slurps coffee*, it’s because I got into a bit of a jam earlier this week and I thought I’d write about it for today’s blog post. I mentioned to my co-writers and Best Buds, S. A. Young and K. R. Brorman, that my posts – after last week’s saga with puppy poop and a Roomba – were going to start sounding like the Perils of Pauline.

I had it all worked out, I’d take pics to show you to prove my predicament. I’d try to make it funny, even though there were moments when I was sweating profusely trying to save myself and an expensive tractor and mower. Then My Wonderful Helper came out this morning to attack The List of Chores and, before I knew it, he’d saved the tractor, washed it and voilà – no drama. No story, really. Won’t stop me telling you ’cause I got nuthin’ else. S. A. Young can take nothing and make it hilarious. Me? Well…

Tractor? What happened? So glad you asked. I was mowing the meadow the other afternoon – the first chance I’ve had to do it while relatively dry as we’ve had so much rain in recent weeks. It’s impossible to mow 12-24 inch high grass when it’s wet. Not to mention how sporty it is to drive a tractor on a slippery hillside…picture Maria’s mountaintop as she sings “The Sound of Music”,

Mariaexcept I’m wearing jeans and a tank top. And sunscreen. There’s a point to this.

I was nearly finished, had eked my way through many scary moments on the still soft edges and reached the base of the hill, forest in front of me, when I decided to reverse my way out. As heavy things often do when you ease off the clutch, gravity worked and the tractor and I continued to roll forward. And got stuck. So fine. I was tired, sweaty, covered in dust and grass seeds. I set the parking brake and shut everything down, thinking My Wonderful Helper and I would have to pull it out with the Big Tractor. Then it rained for two days.

I’m told I didn’t get it stuck too badly (hey, I know when I’m in a hole to stop digging), so a young man with legs a foot longer than mine – and a way with machines – was able to back it out no problemo.

Sorry I have no exciting photos of two tractors, linked by chains, chugging in tandem up a hill. But I have these:

The Meadow, mostly mowed...

The Meadow, mostly mowed…


Fergus (on his long lead) and I exploring this morning.

Fergus (on his long lead) and I exploring this morning.







Clyde, safe and sound.

Clyde, safe and sound.

And, since I didn’t have to fire up any diesel this morning, I’m watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dudley, Snidely and Nell. And Horse.

Fergus is unimpressed.

Gratuitous pic of Fergus in my lap as I try to blog.

Gratuitous pic of Fergus in my lap as I try to blog.

1Voiced by the fabulous Hans Conried.