This little guy has the right idea. Lizardo, basking on the window sill next to me.

This little guy has the right idea. Lizardo, basking on the window sill next to me.

Everybody feels this way. I’m not special. But, I have spread myself too thin – things, important things, fall through my cracks because I lose track of what day it is. I keep calendars – physical and virtual – and still I miss things. I just missed a conference call because I forgot this is Thursday, and I’m focusing on a big meeting I have to prepare for before tomorrow morning.

Fergus and I (and his little sister Sophie) took a road trip last week to take Sophie back home to her mom and help with a house move.

Moving on a hot day tuckers a puppy out!

Moving on a hot day tuckers a puppy out!

Five days of organizing, packing, schlepping, lifting, hauling, unpacking, organizing, sick Fergus, hedge trimming, errand running…there was a scrumptious mani-pedi in there, also car service and grief counselor appointments, dinners with friends, and of course the two days of driving to, and fro.

Home late Tuesday, breakfast meeting with a dear friend yesterday and a board meeting last night. Regularly scheduled session with my trainer this morning, considering and tossing out ideas for today’s blog, the aforementioned conference call that I missed – dang it! – prep for tomorrow’s meeting.

And I still haven’t unpacked from the trip. Or made my bed. Or the guest bed that will have an occupant this evening because a dear friend is driving down here from D.C. this afternoon for that meeting tomorrow.



There’s an important legal matter I need to attend to, and I’m behind the curve on that little item. Maybe this weekend I’ll have some quiet time to work on that….

After a long, hot, trying Summer, I’m ready for a break. Pretty sure that’s not happening soon. We three have a Writers’ Retreat coming up shortly, so we will be trying to make up for lost time writing and preparing for that. More about that in coming weeks!

Maybe after that?

Before the holidays and all the decorating, cooking, entertaining, cards, shopping, wrapping…



Did you guys get to take a vacation this year? Do you like to travel or are “staycations” your thing? Tell me all about it because I need to live vicariously.