imageAnd really cool tasty ones too!  My tomato efforts have been a miserable failure this season. I’ve never been a Mrs. Mac Gregor by any stretch, but despite my neglect I’ve had respectable harvests.  Could be JSB has a hidden green thumb and it’s been his “in residence” care that produced the bounties of  Summer 2014 & 2015.


Tomato harvest 2014, 2015. Small representation of what we actually enjoyed.

I have however managed Zucchini-pacolyspe 2017.  Even even the volunteer butternut squash vines turned out to be zucchini!


It’s moving into the yard!


This week alone!

If you follow me in Instagram, I share daily-ish innovations with the green gourd. Pretty much I put them in everything!


Zuch/mushoom/potato fritatta, zoodles & fish w/egg, pamesan zucch medalions, turkey taco stuffed zucchs.

Mom’s gift is a special source of joy this week, as it was delivered ThePetite, and planted earlier this summer by JSB.  Like many families food is part of our “love language”.

As I shared last week, I’m battling a Summer 10lb gain. This fresh, delicious bounty adds a finer edge to my blade for the next week. And in this battle, just like slicing tomatoes, a dull blade will not due.

alice_in_wonderland_blu-ray_14If you are curious, we are winning. And I do mean WE – you and I and anyone who likes a post or comments on a dish, are all on the team.  Down 4lbs and a some ounces!!  My goal now is to have the last 6 off by our retreat.  Ambitious?  Absolutely!!  Possible?  Absolutely!!


What is your love language? What are you sharpening your sword for this week? Any victories last week? Zucchini suggestions welcome!