This is a thank you note.

I need to thank two very dear friends for dinner last night. “Why so formal,” you ask? Well, this wasn’t just any dinner. I didn’t merely walk down to the end of the block and up a couple of flights of stairs to sit down to our usual Sunday repast. This was special and I want them to know, by telling you, just how much I appreciated it.

You see, I had essentially put myself in “time out” this past weekend. As I mentioned last week, I had shit to do and the only way I was going to do it was to, “Just Do It”, as the Nike folks say.

In any event, when I got a lovely invitation to join V & G, who were in residence at their “country house”, to join them for dinner, an excursion that would have entailed one or both (probably both, since they’re joined at the hip) to drive in to the city, pick me up, feed me and then take me back to the city.  As I said, a lovely offer, already above and beyond the call of duty (or friendship) for a single meal, but it would have meant giving up nearly the entire day to this adventure. I stayed strong and politely declined.

What’s that saying? “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” I’m not equating myself to a 6th century Muslim prophet, but you get the idea. Not five minutes later came the offer to drive dinner to me.

That’s right, my friends were going to cook dinner, pack it up and put it in the car and drive in to Boston and deliver it to me. My own personal “Meals-on-Wheels”.

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Well, they didn’t drive in just to bring me dinner. They did have to throw Devil Kitty: Spawn of Satan some raw meat as well. But the cat can write his own thank you note.

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Exhibit A

Bottom line, not only did I get a yummy dinner (including those really cool little purple potatoes – loaded with antioxidants), but I got to keep working (translation: writing things down and crumpling them up).  Win – win!

dinner, friends, gratitude, S. A. Young

Delicious and nutritious

So, thank you very much V & G, I truly appreciated the gesture and I truly appreciate you.

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I’m sure we’ve all been the recipient of the occasional random good deed. Feel free to share, if you’d like, in the comments below. It’s not Thanksgiving (4 ½ weeks, eek!) yet, but there’s no rule that says we have to wait to say something nice.  Happy Monday all and have a great week.

friends, dinner, gratitude, S. A. Young