Good morning and Happy Monday!

What? You don’t like that one? Okay, I can go really old-school:

Better than Starbucks, am I right? Pffft. No, I’m not buying it either. I’m not in the mood to “adult” today. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just the first day of the work week and it’s chilly outside and I’d rather be in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin, watching cartoons.

– There are none better than Rocky and Bullwinkle.

However, since no one pays attention when I whine like a six year old, up I must get:

And while I’m trying to cut out sugar, sometimes you just have to:

Actually, watching videos is a really good way to drown out the cacophony from the talking heads and the doomsayers on the news, on the train, in the campus dining halls and in my office.

Homer Simpson, gif, Doomsayers, Get Happy, Monday, One Day More


Taking a tip from K.R. Brorman, I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing and generally being domestic (in between watching episodes from a “Wiseguy” marathon. Oh how I loved that show).

Ken Wahl, Wiseguy, Monday, S. A. Young

Eyebrow Porn – 80’s edition – courtesy of Vinnie Terranova, I mean Ken Wahl

Anyway, my jam for cleaning has been, for a very long time, the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Les Miserables, to which I sing along. (Much better than whistling.) So, naturally, this is now stuck in my head:

– My favorite Jean Valjean – Colm Wilkinson

I thought it was only fitting, and tres apropos, that it now be stuck in yours. You’re welcome.

See you next week. And remember,

How are you coping? Any big plans for the week ahead?