Kind of….

12645102_971686509566836_1493048430820522096_nWe are trying though right?  Smoothies and fitness plans and active wear! *pauses to wonder which surface the fit bit is actually resting upon at this moment*


4391249b6f5f25b13ea5f320e98deec5NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY!!

“Fitness” suddenly has a whole new definition…..


I joke about fitness and cake, because these are personal challenges. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is there will always be saboteurs, external and self inflicted. And sometimes we just have to laugh and power through.


As I celebrated the discovery of National Chocolate Cake Day, the wonderful world of Social Media reminded me it is also International Holocaust Remembrance Day

tumblr_nirwnly5i61s4lolfo1_1280…humanity’s ultimate lesson is surviving challenges.

Today let’s celebrate the gift of life and family and freedom….with chocolate cake and take a moment to remember those who were sacrificed and those who survived and vow never again.