Alec, cat, snow, birthday, Orson, Niko, Monday, S. A. Young

Alec* likes the snow

Good morning and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It’s been a wild and woolly few days up here in the Northeast, let me tell you.

We had gotten all the way up until the 2nd week of February relatively unscathed when Mother Nature, that tricksy little minx, decided to make up for lost time, bringing her friends Niko and Orson for an extended visit.  Since last Thursday we’ve gone from no inches to more than twenty-four. It’s still falling as I type this.

snow, storm, Orson, Niko, Monday, S. A. Young

If you can be in your nice warm house with your hands wrapped around a steaming mug, it certainly looks beautiful.

Of course, I don’t have to shovel the stuff. All I can do is sympathize with friends who bought snowblowers for just such occasions as this, but can’t use them because it’s a heavy, wet snow that refuses to be blown by anything other than blizzard-force winds.

shoveling, snow, storm, birthday, Monday, blogging, S. A. Young

This weekend’s ‘Snow-stravaganza’ moved my birthday dinner to Suburbia, rather than the city pub where we’d planned to celebrate. Don’t get me wrong, I had no problem with the new plan. A night out with friends who want to help you celebrate does not really depend on the location of said celebration. (In any case, I have experience. I’ve been cancelling or changing birthday plans since my first big party at the age of seven. My mother, joking about the inconvenience of booking travel between Sarasota and Boston this time of year said, “That’s what happens when you’re born in February”. To which I replied, “Well, who’s fault is that?!”)

Morty, snow, storm, birthday, blogging, Monday, S. A. Young

Morty’s reaction to having to put on his coat and boots

No, the ‘where’ did not matter. Starting on Saturday night, my friends spoiled me rotten for thirty-six hours. We’ve had wonderful food, cake, lots of wine,  and a many, many laughs.

Yesterday, we even braved the falling snow to go to my favorite store that I absolutely do not have in the city, the Dollar Store! (I love the Dollar Store – everything’s a dollar!).

Well, we’re not completely cracked.  We also needed more wine.

How are things where you are? Did Niko and/or Orson pay you a visit as well or are you enjoying warmth and sunshine? Have a good week, dear readers!


*You remember Alec – the “demon kitty”.  He has become a new cat, almost friendly even, now that he lives “in the country”.