Usually something happens during the week that prompts an idea for the blog, but that requires a person to experience life. You can’t just hole up in your cave and expect people to be interested in your periodic descriptions of dust bunnies forming under the furniture.

I mentioned last week that I was going to have shoulder surgery and my activities, including blogging, would be curtailed. And they have. What a schedule! I wake up early (assuming I’ve been able to sleep) motivated by the pain to take something for it. TAKE IT NOW! That gets the puppies going, so we’re up and outdoors to the relief of little bladders, etc. Then I manage to make coffee and feed the pups breakfast one-handed.

By now the meds are kicking in so we pile back in bed where I drink coffee and surf the web or read a book on the iPad until we’re nothing but a puppy pile of napping, snoring redheads.

Then I’m feeling desperate for a shower and a change of yoga pants and another clean, large shirt that I can maneuver over the shoulder and under the sling. This is all quite a production and often calls for a handful of ibuprofen to calm everything down again. Then it’s time for puppies to head outside. Again. And it’s one p.m. and I’m already an hour late posting the blog. Which I must type one-handed and with Fergus on my lap, little drowsy head resting on my good arm.

Gratuitous pic of Fergus and Sophie in full blogger-assistant mode

Gratuitous pic of Fergus and Sophie in full blogger-assistant mode

Isn’t this fascinating?!

But! The highlight of my days is watching movies! Some old classics that I never get tired of, like a couple of nights ago – The Princess Bride, How To Train Your Dragon and HTTYD2. Or catch one I’ve not seen but always wanted to, like yesterday afternoon – Ratatouille!


…and last night, Tangled, made me laugh out loud. Zachary Levi, I love you.

Not all the movies I’ve watched have been animations and/or fairy tales, which I love so much I’ve blogged about it before.

Well, maybe they are after all. I rewatched The Legend of Tarzan the other night. On my new big screen TV and Sonos sound system it was an entirely new experience. And as always, I was moved by the music.

And after watching Alexander Skarsgård – with bated breath – be all beautiful, heroic and romantic, I immediately followed that up with watching him be beautiful, sinister and possibly abusive in Big Little Lies on HBO. And now I have another mini-series to record and watch again and again. YAY!

If you’re housebound for whatever reason, what do you enjoy doing to pass the time?