While I still have two hands to type, I’ll do a little blogging. A very little because I have to load my parched and starving self into the car in a bit and go have my left shoulder repaired. I’ve had a shoulder repaired before so I know a little about what it’s going to be like, having my arm basically strapped to my chest for six weeks. Followed by six more weeks of rehab, but still in the sling.

It means my blog posts may be of fewer words than usual. Maybe have more memes, photos and videos to get my message across.

I know I’ll be glad I did this. Eventually. I won’t have to lift and move my left arm with my right anymore. I won’t cry out in the night every time I change position in bed. I’ll be able to build it back up in time for Summer and gardening, mowing and weed pulling.

I’ll be able to carry Fergus around and he’ll be able to sit on my lap and help me blog again.


My goal is to keep writing and working on Winter’s Thaw – I’m behind our schedule on that and I know it’s going to be difficult working with one hand. My brain gets out ahead of my fingers and the flow is jerky and uneven. But there are stories to tell! And, while I can get friends and helpers to do a lot of things for me over the next several weeks, they can’t write my stories for me.


So, wish me luck! I’ll be back to hunt and peck out a message next week.