We’ve been bringing you all bits and pieces of our lives, our writing, our creative processes FOUR days a week for almost a year now. Our very first “assigned” blog posts went up the last week in March 2016.

Celebrating a Little Victory, Fitbit So OWES Me, It Sounded Like a Good Idea

Some weeks the words flowed like fine wine… and I do mean fine. We don’t drink crap ’round here. Other times, there was “a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza.”

This week was a rare gem.  I couldn’t decide, between two fun and funny adventures in my little corner of the world!

On Monday Stella and I resumed our mission to become qualified visitors. This is NOT therapy training, but an attempt to train us both to be able to be visiting companions. She is so good natured I knew this was something we could do well.  WAY back last summer we did a session with a professional trainer who praised us both and honorably gave us some guidelines saying, “you don’t need me, you need practice,” and didn’t try and sell us on more paid sessions.

We…I didn’t follow through as well as intended. Spilled milk as they say, and this week we laced up, leashed up and made sure the fitbit was charged – I’m getting my steps counted out of this!  And off we went.  With hardly a hitch, we were rocking along Highway 214 like a couple of pros. Other than some interest in coyote scat, there was hardly a tug!



Next week….The Hunt for a Jaguar!