After a year of writing every Saturday about writing, our writing process, our stumbles and triumphs, this is our last regular Saturday post.

It’s time to move forward, and take the next step in our publishing dream. We’ve done the research. Studied the successful authors, and learned more than we probably realize this last year and have decided to begin building the next phase of our life as authors. We will soon be publishing a bi-monthly newsletter with updates, cover reveals, excerpts and more. Who knows, there might be book signings scheduled! Or public appearances! Or TV interviews announced!

We sill continue to share our lives with your during the week. Fergus, Stella and Morty are always happy to entertain. There will be Summer gardens, new dishes and drinks we love. Travel and family stories to share, or in my case, tagging out to let JSB or ThePetite take over.

Constance, Sheri and I live in remarkably different worlds that we think add depth and dimension to our collaborative writing and we will be here Monday, Thursday and Friday with our grand adventures.

This new direction will mean some visual changes to Stilettos Stoli & Scribbles – and even WE don’t know what those will be yet.  We have  a master guru working on it. Kind of scary for three control freak…uhm, ladies who know what they like and how they like it. (pause for double entendre)

Before I sign off today I’ll leave a couple of nuggets. It seems St Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers, has guided our journey thus far. (I had to look that up, but rest assured I’ll be giving extra thanks during mass.)

  • Eden’s Fall is in the hands of the editor! And she is outstanding, exactly who we needed.
  • We have been in talks this week with a cover designer and are SUPER excited to see where she takes our vision!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you again Friday with fitness updates!