They don’t look like much now, but they’ll be as tall as I am by late summer.

Is it that time again?!

*sigh* It is. I’ve already filled up an ATV trailer with weeds as my helper and I are prepping the garden beds for planting. The asparagus beetles have already attacked and destroyed the first tiny shoots of asparagus. The deer are boldly(?) sneaking onto my patio at night to munch on my heuchera that has leafed out for spring – time for the motion sensor sprinklers!

I don’t know how many of you are gardeners…do you have the same love-hate relationship with it I do? I love growing things, I love to watch Mother Nature take inconspicuous, even ugly, little seeds and turn them into a thriving plant that either feeds me or pleases my eye. I love to eat the bounty from my garden each summer and share it with my friends, family and especially Fergus*. But, oh man, I hate the constant misery of trying to stay ahead of weeds. And destructive bugs and animals.

This spring, I’ve gotten a slow start on my tomato seeds – I can still blame the bum shoulder for a few things – but they’re started now and, by late May, they’ll get transplanted to the garden. I love fresh, homegrown tomatoes almost more than anything else I grow. I don’t care how you say it, nothing is better than a freshly sliced or cut tomato with a sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of good EVOO. Or, skip the olive oil. Maybe you’d like a thick slice of tomato in a sandwich with good mayonnaise? Thrown into a pan with some garlic, again the EVOO, some fresh herbs, until warmed and barely softened and then tossed with pasta? My tomatoes are generally one-to-two pounds each. It’s an instant meal no matter how you prepare it.

As is my usual thing on Thursdays, I’ve cruised YouTube for something relevant to the day’s topic. And, as usual, I got sidetracked. Here’s something sublime to make your day.

They’re even graceful on roller skates.

And here are some gratuitous pics of my little sidekick, hanging out with me this morning as I got the seeds started…

Fergus: Garden Helper

Fergus: Greenhouse Helper

* Fergus loooooves my fresh green beans, cut into bite size pieces and lightly steamed in the microwave. Through the winter months, we make do with frozen cut green beans in the steamable bags. It’s his favorite food.